SCSI Integration Pty Ltd. started business back in 1996 and was specifically set up to address the archival and optical storage needs of organisational data. As we understand that the key to many companies success is dependent on the ability to retrieve information in a timely manner. Today this means in seconds whilst an inquiry is live (i.e.. on the telephone etc.) rather than the next day or as is often the case, longer.

Our solutions are proven in all forms of business from large corporate companies, government departments, telecommunication companies to the finance sector and small business. Our consultants and technicians are uniquely qualified, with years of experience in providing solutions and services such as these.

We are uniquely positioned to provide either a complete in-house solution or to provide external services to achieve this aim.

SCSI Integration currently has offices located in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Our Mission

To continue to be a leading provider of digital archival and optical storage solutions, enabling cost-effective document handling and fast, secure access to your data.




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